Book Review: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

The setting in Twilight, has a darker tone to it, with cloud-covered skies, rain, damp and cold. It creates a dark atmosphere that follows along with the storyline, as Bella discovers Edward is a vampire, and enters his world. For Edward, Forks is a reprieve from his true identity, a town with minimal sunshine. This image is reiterated throughout the book in places, like “into the forest…he held the damp ferns and webs of moss aside…fallen trees.”

I liked the notion of using setting to add to the darker tone of the book, for example the cathedral scene, when the sun is due to set, a chill runs down Danielle’s spine as she stands on the cathedral’s rooftop. The setting feels eerie, mysterious, and that’s the tone of the book.

“The sun would soon be setting…The flying buttresses and looming spires interwove in the naves between the west and north facing rooftops. The gargoyles were fiercely surrounded by iron roof girders…stared almost purposefully, watching out into the sky, above the bustling city, impervious to the beat of the sun, and the bluster of a wind.”

Meyer, S. (2006). Twilight (1st ed.). London: Atom – Little, Brown Book Group.


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