Consultation Services

Work exclusively with me one-on-one to make your writing the best it can be.

I am an experienced author of both fiction and non-fiction, ghostwriter,
writing mentor, freelance writer, travel writer, publisher, editor, and
proofreader. I have written works in many genres:
Non-fiction – travel, memoir, biography, interviews, historical, war &
military, scientific, crime, and many more.
Fiction – drama, fantasy (including sub-genres), supernatural, thriller,
romance (not erotica), adventure.
I have also done work where I have mixed fact with fiction to produce
stories for people – a blended kind of memoir.

I have a degree in Creative Writing and Advanced Applied Writing, and as
such, I have the knowledge and skill to write in various genres – nonfiction,
memoir, journalism, short and long fiction, screenwriting, poetry, editing, and
many more. I have also taken writing courses with Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and
R.L. Stine.

Working with me one-on-one will elevate your writing and give you the tools you need to carry along your journey as an author with a well-stocked tool kit.
I will work with you to address all areas of writing including various story
element issues like:
– plot holes
– character development & character arcs
– pacing
– action sequences
– point of view and narration (including multiple character narration)
– tenses
– story flow and consistency
– dialogue
– language use
– The 5 senses and descriptive writing
– Backstories and info dumping
– Hooks and chapter endings
– GMC’s
– Chapter structure
– and many other elements that arise in your manuscript that relate to creative

How does this work?

There are many phone calls, email exchanges, and text messages throughout
this process. You can expect at a minimum to have two full in-depth edits done
(but can be up to four full in-depth edits depending on the level of writing).

To learn more about my one-on-one writing and editing consultation services, please fill in the form below.