Nikki Lockwood

Nikki Lockwood is a New Zealand based author. Her passion for researching supernatural, folklore, military, and history, combined with her creativity, brings a unique authenticity to her writing. She has the knack for telling the stories of the everyday person in a way that shows the incredible beauty and resilience in the face of hardships, poverty, and everyday life.

Having completed her Degree in Creative Writing and Advanced Applied Writing, she has the knowledge and skill to write in various genres – nonfiction, memoir, journalism, short and long fiction, screenwriting, poetry, editing, and many more. She has also taken courses with Neil Gaiman, R.L. Stine, and Margaret Atwood.

Her philosophy in being a writer is that you can never know everything.

“Writers and authors are consistently learning and expanding their craft. I doubt there will come a day where I can say I know everything there is to know. Do not underestimate how powerful the sharing of knowledge is to a writer.

She has had travel articles published in the UK based travel magazine ‘Travel Africa‘; published an informative and nonbias paranormal article regarding the legend of the werewolf; as well as published short stories, novels, and nonfiction books – including a non-fiction book that tells the stories of love for the African continent by many people.

When she is not in her writing sanctuary in New Zealand or visualising her next idea, she can be either elbow deep in research for upcoming projects, being creative in other capacities – painting & sculptures, or found sharing her love for true stories of mystery, people, history, and diversity.