Short Fiction

The Man in the Painting

Available in English, Korean, and Chinese.

Life as Gabrielle knew it is no more. Thrust into a world she never knew existed, she is captivated by the face of a man in an animated painting. Then she finds herself being hunted, and the more she learns, the more her life is in danger. She is protected by a powerful immortal, but is it more than just protection? Could the man in the painting be her destiny? Only time will tell who will be able to save her. Enjoy the first episode of The Man in the Painting Series.

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Korean version available on Google Play Bookstore and Apple Books (iTunes).

Chinese version available on Google Play Bookstore.

Revenge So Sweet

Iris has a secret, a plan, an ultimate revenge. But she can’t execute it alone. Why does she want revenge? Read the first part of this ongoing series to find out.

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The Freedom of a Book

Why books are imperative to the human mind. Professor Marks’ questions his students.

***A short fiction***

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Dad’s Gone to the Pilbara

A boom in Western Australia’s mining sector in the early 2000s, saw many kiwi men seizing the opportunity of big money and an adventure, leaving their families behind in New Zealand.

Enjoy this short story and partial memoir.

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Flash Fiction and unpublished Short Stories

Deadly Bedfellow (A Short Fiction told from the POV of a snake)

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It Approaches Slowly (Flash Fiction)

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Through the doorway (Flash Fiction)

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The Fog (Flash Fiction)

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