Curse of Stone

First book in ‘Curse of Stone’ Series.

Danielle Stone is searching for answers about her great-aunt’s mysterious disappearance fifty-eight years ago. Following a new lead, she quickly discovers that the world is not as it seems. Each step she takes closer to the truth puts her in more danger than ever before.
Unaware she is being hunted by an ancient evil who seeks her heart, and minions of evil descend upon Danielle. She confides in her childhood friend, Jamie, who is fighting an inner battle to keep more than one secret hidden from her.
When her great-aunt suddenly reappears, Danielle’s life hangs in the balance.
Enter Gabriel. A cursed man who searches for his healer – the one human female destined to break his curse. But he must find her before something evil does.

Can Gabriel and Jamie save Danielle before it is too late?

Will the battle of good versus evil prevail? Or will evil succeed this time?

Get it now on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback) and Google Play Bookstore.


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