Short Story Analysis: The Perfect Mark by Melodie Campbell

The Perfect mark by Melodie Campbell is one that fits into the category of popular fiction, as it doesn’t follow a specific character.  It storyline fits into the genre of crime fiction, as theft took place. This storyline made me laugh however, because it’s a story of two criminals, thinking they have the upper hand over the other character, and believing they are naïve to believe them. It suits this genre because of the deception and planning by the characters to take advantage of the other, by lulling them into a false sense of state, only to steal from them. I liked this story over the first, because of the humour in which it was told, thinking old ladies are so naïve, she relaxes patiently waiting for her chance to steal all the little old lady’s possessions, but unaware she is the one being lined up to be robbed. It took me by surprise, and it was heading in the direction of a darker story, but the author kept it light-hearted with a dash of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ in there. This would also be a flash fiction as the story is too short to sustain any further.

I could visually see the setting because of the descriptions the author used, the typical little old lady in a condominium, drinking tea. How younger generations tend to think older generations are so naïve and gullible, and how easy it is to take advantage of them from the outside looking in. In reality older generations sometimes can be quite smart and quick on the mark with the younger generations, and can be quite clever in their ways. I found this relatable because of my life experiences of things I have seen between the young and old generations.

The way the author described Elvira’s behaviour and mannerism, she comes across as quite a spritely and active person, not the helpless little old lady Sasha thinks she is.

I found it enjoyable to read because I didn’t expect the little old lady to be the thief, and trick the younger thief out of her possession unknowingly. Even though it fits into the genre of crime fiction, it was humorous, edgy and entertained me as the reader.


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