Where my ideas come from…

Ideas can come from the most random of things, even something as insignificant as a coin lying in a roadside gutter can trigger an idea.  Everyday life and observing others is a great ocean of ideas. 

I love to read, mainly biographies.  Reading is a huge portal for new ideas.  When I am reading a book, certain parts may spark my imagination to drift away and spark an idea different to what I was reading. 

For me I like to give an idea a fair and unbiased chance to turn into something greater than I ever thought and take the idea places I never thought I would take it.  To do this, I have to explore ideas to their fullest.  I explore all its possibilities; yes all of them, even the uncomfortable ones. 

Prewriting and drawing on my personal experience is critical for me, as I have seen, heard and experienced a lot.  I draw on that for inspiration to expand ideas.  If I draw a blank I will take to google or other resources to research.  I prewrite in a journal when an idea strikes, I take that idea and immediately write it down including details that accompany it.  Even if an idea seems stupid, I can develop or refer to that idea at a later stage.  Otherwise I forget. 

I find brainstorming the most effective form of idea development.   When I get an idea, I like to discover all its different possibilities, to see where I can take the idea.  This is important because an idea is just that.  To be able to create an original story, you must dissect your idea.  There in the dissected pieces lies your originality, your unique angle. I refuse to limit ideas by streamlining it into one method of written expression.  I take my idea; develop it in different directions that way I can present it in varied forms of written expression. 


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